#15: The Azzams, The Return

Episode 15 23 min 27 sec   Posted 3/13/17 at  6am (EST)

This episode of Palestinians Podcast features Moneer Tawfiq Azzam and his son Hani Nicholas Azzam, two generations of men from the same family. We continue our series with the Azzam family and learn of Moneer and Hani Nicholas' experience with their father and grandfather's home on Mt. Carmel. We also learn a bit about what it was like for both Moneer and Hani Nicholas to grow up in the diaspora. Listen past the credits to hear Moneer's wife Sara's connection to the story!


This is the second episode in a multi-episode journey featuring three generations of men from the Azzam family. The first episode in this series is #14: The Azzams, Home on Mt. Carmel.


To learn more about the Azzam family home, you can visit our blog and our website: www.palestinianspodcast.com, happy listening!






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