Podcast Recommendations

Posted on 02/19/16

by Nadia Abuelazam

Are you new to podcasts? Or maybe you’re looking for some recommendations? As an avid podcast listener, I have plenty of suggestions for you to listen to! Take a look at my list below!

The episode that will make you laugh and cry comes from a great show called Radio Diaries. Radio Diaries features a wide array of stories including the episode entitled “#42: The Last Place.” I showed up to work with a huge smile on my face and also smeared mascara from tears after listening to this. What a raw and emotional experience this episode was!

For the science buff who cares about the world and its people, I’d highly recommend the episode “Birthstory” on Radiolab. The story highlights the struggles of an Israeli same-sex couple who seeks to have a baby (or two, or three) through surrogacy. The episode, if you stick through until the end, raises important questions about personal rights and liberties that had me thinking for a long time after it was over.

If you want action packed drama on your commute you should listen to the first season of Limetown! I really enjoyed this more than I would enjoy a drama on television. There’s something about radio dramas that causes you to use your imagination! I’d highly recommend this to those looking for high entertainment value!

If you’re looking for a good entertaining chuckle, I’d highly recommend Mystery Show! I especially enjoyed “Case #3: Belt Buckle” and “Case #2: Brittany.” I found myself laughing out loud at multiple times during these episodes. They have great humanity and humor!

If you’re looking for consistently diverse material, every Sunday night I would highly recommend downloading This American Life from NPR. One of my all time favorite episodes is “#567: What’s Going on In There” which sheds light on some difficult relationships and discoveries.

If you have recommendations of your own, email me at nadia@palestinianspodcast.com! I’d love to listen to something new! As always, we hope you’ll listen to Palestinians Podcast! We cant wait to share our newest episode with you soon! Happy listening!

Also, don’t forget to check out episode 4 of Palestinians Podcast featuring Laila Kassis.  Click here to listen!