Story Tips

Posted on 01/10/16

by Nadia Abuelzam

This is our podcast and the success of our efforts is contingent on us all being involved.  To tell the stories of everyday Palestinians, we need to hear from everyday Palestinians!  Here are some tips on telling stories.

Here’s some help if you’re having trouble thinking of a story:

         a. Think of a moment where you experienced:

                   a. great sorrow or sadness

                   b. happiness or euphoria

                   c. confusion or strife

                   d. a mix of emotions

          b. Think about a difficult situation you were in that was resolved (or left unresolved).

          c. Think about one of the biggest life lessons you were ever taught. How were you taught

          that lesson? What were the events that led up to that lesson?

          d. Who are your role models? What have your experiences been with your role models?

          e. Who is important to you? Why are they important? Was there a defining event that made your connection stronger?

Remember the details surrounding the event/story you have recalled and the circumstances that led up to and after the event.  What was the environment like? What were you wearing, what was around you? Try to remember the details and share them. What did you think of the event then? What do you think about that event now?

Use your own voice and speak naturally.

Tell the truth, do not exaggerate the truth. Be honest about your experience. Your experience does not have to relate to you “Palestinian-ness,” it just has to be a human experience!

Here are some steps to follow to submit a story to our podcast:

          1. Call our story hotline (415-POD-PAL5) and tell us a 1-2 minute (condensed) version of your story. Make sure to include your name and the best way to contact you.

          2. Email us a voice recorded version of your story (preferably condensed, 1-2 minutes) to

          3. Email us a written story

Your participation is what will make this podcast successful! Please be patient with us as we filter the stories and get back to you with its potential fit for the podcast!

Thanks! Can’t wait to hear from you!