#24: Salma, The Memory Song


In this episode of Palestinians Podcast we hear a live story told in October 2016 at Palestinians, Live Boston. Activist Salma Abu Ayyash tells us about her experiences at Standing Rock in Sioux Country. She describes her solidarity with indigenous movements and the reasons why all Palestinians should feel called to protect indigenous lands. Salma's live story references many photos that can be found on our blog. The memory song is performed by Mark Tilsen. 

#23: Nadia, Not on the Map

Photo Dec 19, 5 55 40 PM.jpg

Palestinians around the world are reeling at the announcement by the President of the United States that Jerusalem will be recognized as the capital of Israel. In this episode of Palestinians Podcast, our host and creator, Nadia Abuelezam, discusses her feelings about the announcement and tells a personal story about her awakening as a Palestinian. She also talks about the role of the diaspora in these difficult political times. While this episode is slightly different and more political than our standard episodes, for Palestinians, the personal is political. We hope it inspires you to think of your role in taking back the Palestinian narrative. 

Music in this episode is by Mohammad Bashar and Ahmad Al-Zamili (Real Time Media Production). Sound editing and engineering was performed by Sarouna Salfiti-Mushaha. Illustration by Issa Wehab. 

#22: Sari, My Casablanca

Sari Abuljubein shares his reflections on finding home in the most unexpected place in this episode of Palestinians Podcast. Sari is a well known personality in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA in large part due to his past ownership of the popular restaurant Casablanca. We hear about Sari's journey from "fake" Palestinian to "true" Palestinian. Through Sari's infectious personality, we learn more about how one defines home and family when one is a Palestinian living in the United States. 

#1: Annalise, Here We Are

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In our first episode of Palestinians Podcast, we hear from Annalise Raziq, a storyteller from Chicago Illinois. Annalise describes her struggle with her "Palestinian-ness" by examining her childhood and her relationship with her father. Annalise shares a story live on the stage at Palestinians, Live! (in Boston, MA in October 2015) and shares more about her identity in a bonus interview. 

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Said Raziq, Annalise's father, who passed away in December of 2015. Learn more about his life on our blog.

#2: Rana, Too East for the West


In the second episode of the new series, Palestinians Podcast, we hear from Rana Akleh, a doctoral student at Boston College. Rana artistically describes a "forgotten" city in Palestine. Rana shares this story live on the stage at Palestinians, Live! (in Boston, MA in October 2015) and describes how she contributes to changing the face of Palestine by being both a scientist and an artist in a bonus interview. 

To see Rana's artwork and her family's recipe for shush-barak, make sure to visit our blog.

#3: Amer, Subtracting from 1948


We hear from Amer Zahr, a comedian, writer, and activist who resides in Dearborn Michigan in this episode of Palestinians Podcast. Amer shares childhood stories of the memories he has from protests, watching the news, and running for class president. Additionally Amer tells us about some awkward experiences he has faced since September 11th. Amer is a wonderful storyteller who makes us laugh, think, and reflect about the political and social ramifications of being a Palestinian in America. 

To hear more about Amer's current work including to see where he may be performing soon, makes sure to visit our blog

#4: Laila, Goat's Milk Labane


In this episode of Palestinians Podcast, we hear from Laila Kassis, a management consultant from Boston, MA. Laila's story, told live on stage at Palestinians, Live! (in Boston, MA in October 2015), recounts her fondest memories of Palestine and the family (and food!) that she associates with her home. Additionally, we hear from her husband Mohamad about his experience in Palestine and how the trip influenced their relationship. 

#5: Munir, News Face and Oranges


We hear from Munir Jirmanus, a physicist residing near Boston, MA about his multiple experiences and encounters with the concept of "home." Munir tells a number of stories: his family's leaving of Jerusalem in 1948, how he met his wife of more than 35 years, experiences with raising his daughters in the United States, and his recent re-encounter with his childhood home in Jerusalem.

You can find pictures and an accompanying blog post to Munir's story here. You can share your story by calling our story hotline (415-POD-PAL5) or by emailing us at stories@palestinianspodcast.com 

#6: Hamza (and Reham): Who Knows


In this episode of Palestinians Podcast, we feature a young Gazan health educator and nursing student Hamza Moghari. Hamza is one of the writers with We Are Not Numbers, an organization aiming to pair young Palestinian writers with mentors from around the world. Hamza shares a story he wrote about a young woman named Reham and also explains why he loves his life in Gaza so much. 

To find out more about We Are Not Numbers and Hamza, visit our blog.

#7: Nadia, Mama Please Bring Me Pants

Photo May 11, 8 38 37 AM.jpg

In this special Mother's Day episode of Palestinians Podcast you'll hear about Nadia Abuelezam's childhood and her love for her mother. Specifically, you'll hear about a painful (but hilarious) memory from the third grade that involves dessert, pants, and the library in her story told live at Palestinians, Live in Boston, MA in October of 2015!

If you don't understand the Arabic references in the episode, please visit our blog. There you will also see pictures of Nadia as a child and get to know her a bit better!