#34: Dalia, Rice and Sugar


In this episode of Palestinians Podcast you'll hear a beautiful and lyrical story told by Dalia Deak, a law school student at Harvard University. Dalia told a story about her grandparents at Palestinians, Live! Boston in 2018. This episode includes additional interview material from Dalia in which she discusses what it means to be Palestinian, what it means to love Palestine, and how she honors her grandparents in her daily life. You will not want to miss this episode!

The amazing track, Billadhi Askara, in this episode is by Clarissa Bitar. To find out more about her upcoming album Bayyati, visit her website

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BONUS: Sarah, American?


We're thrilled to bring you a bonus episode of Palestinians Podcast produced and presented by Aceel Kibbi. Aceel tells the story of Sarah Hassan. 

Sarah Hassan is an American of Palestinian descent. Her parents migrated to the US and settled in the Boston area. Born and raised in America, Sarah still feels like a foreigner. And it's not her hijab that makes her feel that way, but rather her homesickness. Although she's never seen Palestine for herself, Sarah feels a strong connection to the country and culture. You'll hear the many ways she incorporates elements of the Palestinian culture in her life and, as of 18 months ago, in her daughter's life. Sarah still longs for Palestine, and at the end, she paints a picture of what she expects to see and feel if she ever gets the chance to visit her homeland.

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BONUS: David and Abood, Messi or Ronaldo?

In this special bonus episode of Palestinians Podcast we hear from Dr. David Mills, a pediatrician who has worked with the Palestine Children Relief Fund (PCRF) for the past 5 years. We hear about David's journey across the Atlantic with Abood Nofal, a young Palestinian boy injured during the Great March of Return. Abood was assisted by PCRF, an organization that sends children abroad for medical care. Dr. Mills told his story during the Boston Chapter's PCRF annual fundraiser on December 1, 2018. 

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#33: Dubbaneh Family, Ant Sandwiches


In this episode of Palestinians Podcast we hear from three members of the Dubbaneh Family (Issa and two of his sons: Danny, and Johnny). The Dubbaneh's are a close and tight-knit family who run a business together, Z&Z. They not only sell zaatar but they also create memories at their farm stand for everyone who visits. In this episode you'll hear about Issa's transition to the U.S. when he immigrated from Palestine and about what it was like to raise a family while owning restaurants. Danny and Johnny discuss their experiences as Palestinian Americans and describe the reasons for starting their zaatar company. Grab yourself a manouche and enjoy this family-centered episode of Palestinians Podcast!

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#32: Michael, Naming Sebastian


In this episode of Palestinians Podcast we hear from Michael Maria, a Palestinian-American born and raised in Massachusetts. Michael reflects on his childhood, his heritage, and the legacy he plans to pass down to his young son, Sebastian. Michael is an essential member of the Boston Palestine Film Festival, happening from October 19-28, 2018. 

The awesome music featured in this episode is by Bashar Murad, a Palestinian musician who pushes the boundaries with his alt-pop music. If you enjoyed it, please support him by purchasing his music! 

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#31: Lena, First Kiss


In this episode of Palestinians Podcast we hear about Lena Ghannam's experiences with her first loves, being third culture, and visiting Palestine for the first time. This episode features a story told live at Palestinians, Live! in Washington D.C. in October of 2017 as part of the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival

The music in this episode is by Basel Zayed and the Ayn Trio. The tracks featured are part of a beautiful new album released in September of 2018. To find out more about the music you can visit Basel Zayed's website or our website

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Special episode: Faisal, The Palestine Museum U.S.

In the special live episode of Palestinians Podcast we are in conversation with Faisal Saleh the founder of the Palestine Museum U.S. in Woodbridge, CT. Our host, Nadia Abuelezam, visits Faisal at the museum and learns about his life as a Palestinian living in Palestine and in the United States. We also learn about his motivation for starting the museum and the community he has built around it. 

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#30: Andrew, Brooklyn, Bros, and Brosefina


In this episode we hear from Andrew Kadi. Andrew told a story about his experience at the Tel Aviv airport live on stage at Palestinians, Live! in October of 2017 at the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival. While his experience was traumatic, Andrew manages to tell the story with plenty of humor. In this episode, Andrew also reflects on his homeland, his mother, and his activism work in the United States. 

Music in this episode is by DAM. We thank them for generously allowing us to use two of their songs (Mama, I'm in Love with a Jew and Freedom for My Sisters). 

Transcription and audio editing was performed by our summer intern Rashad Saleh. 

#29: Samar, Her Spokesperson


To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, we will be releasing two episodes this month. The second of these two features Samar Najia. In this episode we hear about Samar's relationship with her mother and the influence her mother has on her life. Samar also discusses the importance of community for Palestinian identity in the diaspora. 

The music in this episode is by Huda Asfour from her upcoming album Kouni. You can find out more about her music and the album on our website.

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*Please note: We apologize for the audio quality during the live story. Issues at the venue prevented a high quality recording.*