Hamza and Reham Are Not Numbers

Posted on 04/29/16

by Nadia  Abuelezam

What do young people in Gaza, Palestine, and Lebanon have to say? We Are Not Numbers (WANN) seeks to bring the voice of young Palestinians living in and outside of Palestine to the world. By pairing young writers with successful writing mentors from all over the world, WANN gives young Palestinians living in Palestine and Lebanon an opportunity to tell their story.

WANN stories range from the personal (stories written in memory to family members), the political (letters written to American presidential candidates), and to the personal made political (discussion of the impossibility of raising daughters in Gaza). The stories highlight the depth and passion with which these young Palestinians experience life even in the most harrowing of circumstances. What is especially unique about WANN is that they are giving a voice to a population of young people and empowering them to do great things with their ideas and their stories. We are so excited to partner with WANN to bring these voices to the rest of world through our podcast.

Palestinians Podcast aims to highlight stories from WANN in the personal voices of the story tellers in the coming months. This month, we featured Hamza Moghari. Hamza is an impressive young nursing student who lives in Gaza. His story about Reham, which is reads for us in his episode, was recently featured on Electronic Intifada. Hamza is not only a talented writer and public speaker, but is also a certified health educator and health rights activist. His impressive resume at his young age is a testament to his never ending passion to improve people’s circumstances and their health.

If you’d like to support WANN and their endeavor to bring voices to young Palestinians through writing, please visit their website and look for the red DONATE button in the top right corner. There you can also find a link to hundreds of stories and learn more about the awesome storytellers and young mentors.

If you have been motivated by Hamza to tell a story about your own life or about someone you love, please pitch us your story! You can pitch us your story by emailing us at stories@palestinianspodcast.com or by calling our story hotline and leaving us a message with a 2 minute condensed version of your story (415-POD-PAL5). We can help you craft your story! We may have you tell your story for a podcast episode or in a live storytelling event somewhere near you!

Make sure you listen to the 6th episode of Palestinians Podcast that features Hamza Moghari!  Click here to listen!