Mama’s Day

Posted on 05/08/16

by Nadia Abuelezam

As a Palestinian American, I always *knew* I was different from most of my friends at school. My mother didn’t pack me nice little sandwiches with a fruit cup and a cookie. I didn’t fit into regular size clothing and never really wore anything stylish in elementary school. When my mother came to watch me play basketball, you could hear her shrill screams across the gym screaming “DEFENSE” when we were on offense.

But one of the only things that felt consistent, normal, and comfortable in my life was my mother’s love and presence. You see, my mother stopped working when she had me. She stayed at home and took care of the house, took care of us,and took care of many cousins and relatives on the weekends! She dedicated her whole life to ensuring my life was comfortable and full of love. I think consistency in a mother’s love is something many people of all different cultures, races, and religions feel and experience in their lives.


For that reason, this Mother’s Day, I wanted to highlight one of the many times my mother made me feel loved and special even when I didn’t. Even when the world seemed cruel and my pants were too tight, my mother always knew how to make me feel better! I hope you enjoy the special Mother’s Day episode.


For those who don’t speak Arabic or know much about Arabic language or food, you should know the following:

1. The music is a song by Fairuz called “Oumi ya Malaki” which translates to “Mother, My Angel.” One of the lyrics to the song includes the following: “Mother, my angel, my everlasting love. Your arms are still my swing and I am still a child.”

2. Some of the mouthwatering dishes I mentioned are warak dawali (stuffed grape leaves), kifta wa batata (Arabic spiced meatballs and potatoes), and Arabic style spaghetti (spaghetti cooked in the oven with Arabic spices).

3. Some of the sweets/desserts I listed in the episode included ghrebeh (a butter and sugar cookie) and knafi (a delicious dessert made of cheese and covered in sugar syrup) are delicious – go to an Arabic sweet shop to try them!

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