#15: The Azzams, The Return

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This episode of Palestinians Podcast features Moneer Tawfiq Azzam and his son Hani Nicholas Azzam, two generations of men from the same family. We continue our series with the Azzam family and learn of Moneer and Hani Nicholas' experience with their father and grandfather's home on Mt. Carmel. We also learn a bit about what it was like for both Moneer and Hani Nicholas to grow up in the diaspora. Listen past the credits to hear Moneer's wife Sara's connection to the story!

This is the second episode in a multi-episode journey featuring three generations of men from the Azzam family. The first episode in this series is #14: The Azzams, Home on Mt. Carmel.

#16: The Azzams, Hani's Narnia

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In the final episode of our series on the Azzam family, we hear from Hani Nicholas Azzam and learn about his experiences with and reflections on Palestine. Despite growing up near Boston, Hani found his way to Palestine after college. In his story, told live on stage at Palestinians, Live! in October of 2016, Hani relates his adventures in Palestine to the Chronicles of Narnia in a wonderful and captivating manner. "Like any good story,  this one's a trilogy!" 

To hear more about the Azzam family story listen to Episodes #14 and #15. To learn more about the women in the Azzam family visit our blog

#17: Gloria, Broadway and Bizr

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What do Broadway plays, theology school, and a book club have to do with Palestine? You'll find out in this week's episode of Palestinians Podcast when we hear from Gloria Olivier. This dynamic episode features an in depth interview with Gloria at her home in New England and also includes a story she told at Palestinians, Live! in October of 2016 in Boston. Gloria's life journey is filled with unexpected twists and turns, and we hope that you enjoy listening to this episode.

To read more about Gloria's Broadway days visit our blog

#19: Shouki, Cities That Speak My Language


This episode is the second in a two-episode series featuring Dr. Shouki Kassis. As a note, you'll enjoy this episode more if you go back and listen to #18: Shouki, Arak with Baba. In this episode, we hear a bit more about Dr. Shouki's post-1948 experience in Palestine and listen to some of his deep reflections on the future of Palestine and the Arab world in general. To read more about Dr. Kassis and his daughter Laila, visit the blog

#20: Hasheemah, Born (here) and Raised (there)


In this episode of Palestinians Podcast we hear from Hasheemah Afaneh about her "reverse diasporic" experience. Hasheemah shares her experience of being a Muslim woman in the United States with a unique Arabic name and also about her experience of growing up in both the United States and Palestine. To read more about Hasheemah read our blog

#21: Dana, The Nose That Persists

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In this episode of Palestinians Podcast we go back to school with Prof. Dana Sajdi. Dana tells us about living her early years of life under occupation, her struggles with her Palestinian nose, and how she figured out she wanted to pursue history. She also describes the historical figures in her own family who she wishes she had the opportunity to spend more time with. You'll be laughing, crying, and thinking through this episode of Palestinians Podcast.